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  • Busch Biomedical Grant Program (BBG)

    Please see below for 2017 Busch Biomedical Grant Awardees

    PI & Co-PI Proposal Title Award Amount Type of Grant
    Wei Dai "Cell-to-cell Pathogenic PolyQ Transmission in Huntington's Disease Progression" $40,000 Seed
    Adam Gormley "Discovery of anticancer synthetic protein mimics" $40,000 Seed

    Grace Guo & Yi-Horng Lee

    "Bariatric Surgery, Bile acids, and intestine FXR" $40,000 Collaborative
    Xin Qi & Ivan Rodero "HPC-based multi-factor decision-making (MD) tool for prostate cancer (PCa)" $38,570 Collaborative
    Ilker Hacihaliloglu "Learning-based Computational 3D Ultrasound Imaging Platform for Percutaneous Needle Guidance" $40,000 Seed
    Kim McKim "Homolog bi-orientation and segregation in oocyte acentrodomal meiosis" $40,000 Bridging
    Mark West “Individual and sex differences in cocaine cue induced accumbens firing, USV's and relapse behavior” $39,865 Bridging
    Davide Comoletti & Arnold Rabson "Rapid and Unbiased Identification of Viral Entry Receptors in Human Neurons" $40,000 Collaborative
    Karen Edelblum "Interferon regulation of gamma delta IELs in innate immunity" $40,000 Seed
    Isaac Edery "Seasonal Adaptation of a Circadian Clock" $40,000 Bridging
    Dana Price "Functional genomic classification of the mosquito gut microbiome" $25,000 Seed
    Miriam Rosenberg-Lee & William Graves "Flexible use of semantics in social cognition and reading, and its disruption in autism" $40,000 Seed



    Check back in Spring 2018 for the next cycle!


    Interdisciplinary Research Grant (IRG)

    This opportunity is designed to stimulate the creation of interdisciplinary research groups around any topic that is likely to be supported by future federal and private funding. Pre-existing groups may also apply.


    Application Deadline: November 1, 2017 at 5PM EST

    Scientific Merit Review: November to December 2017

    Funding Decision Date: December 21, 2017

    Grant Award Period: January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018

    Award Amount: $50,000 + $50,000 matching funds = $100,000 total

    Cost Share Requirement: 100% matching funds ($50,000) required.

    Sponsor: Office of Research and Economic Development


    Where to Send Inquiries, and Submit Proposal:

    Jacquelyn Williams (848-932-9982)







    Request for Applications                                

    IRG Application


  • Research Council


    Research Council Subvention Fall 2017

    The Research Council is continuing for a second year its pilot program for subventions for the publication of scholarly books that will be published by university and other reputable scholarly presses. 

    Subventions provide partial subsidies to presses for the publication of scholarly books authored by full-time Rutgers faculty members.

    Application Deadline: December 6, 2017 at 5PM EST

    Award Amount: $2500

    Submit Application: https://www.rutgers.fluidreview.com

    Click Here for FluidReview Tutorial

    Questions?: Jacquelyn Williams






    Sample Application