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    Limited Submission Policies & Procedures


  • For opportunities, please see the Limited Submission list

    via the Faculty Research Portal


    Faculty members interested in submitting a proposal to an external agency which limits the number of proposals per institution must submit an internal “pre-proposal” for internal review.


    COVID-19 Related LSOs: 

          - Due to the quick turnaround on some COVID-19 Related Limited Submission Opportunities, ORED will be coordinating an expedited process for reviewing internal COVID related proposals.

          - Unfortunately we will be unable to follow the usual 8 week LSO timeline for COVID internal proposal submissions. We will make every attempt to give PIs enough time between when an opportunity is posted to this site and the internal deadline; but, there may be cases where the internal deadline is set within days of posting the opportunity due to the need for quick turnaround. We recommend PIs check the LSO list daily to ensure they don't miss an opportunity.

          - We will be using a standing committee of reviewers, with representatives from ORED, Foundation Relations, and the Corporate Engagement Center to review internal COVID proposals. This committee will review proposals on an expedited basis and without the need for the full internal application needed to the regular LSO process. 

         - To apply for a COVID-19 related LSO please send a 1-2 page project description to ORED

     Posting & Announcements: 

         - All Limited Submission opportunities will be posted via the Faculty Research Portal Here.

         - ORED will strive to find and advertise these opportunities in a timeframe that allows enough time for the internal review process and for the selected faculty member(s) to prepare a high-quality proposal to submit.

                   - When possible, ORED will set the internal deadline at 8 weeks prior to the external submission due date.

                   - Internal competition will be held in cases where multiple submissions are received.

                   - Selected researchers will be notified at least 6 weeks prior to the external submission due date.

         - If a PI becomes aware of a limited opportunity not listed on the site, they should contact ORED. This process is important because extra submissions can result in the rejection by the sponsor of any submissions from Rutgers.

            - Email Sign-Up for Limited Submission Funding Opportunities is available on the Faculty Research Portal Here.

    Application Materials:

         - To submit an internal proposal for review, faculty members must submit the following in a single PDF file:

                   - The ORED Limited Submission Opportunity Form

                   - A cover Page

                  - Project Summary (2 page limit)

                   - Department Chair/Dean Support

                   - Biosketch for each PI and Co-PI at Rutgers

                   - If you submitted this or a similar proposal in the past, you are required to submit the scores and reviewer comments from the prior review, as well as describe how you plan on addressing the reviewers' comments

                   - Relationships- if applicable describe current relationship with the Primary Sponsor (e.g. prior funding revieved, conversations with current employees, encouragement to apply, etc.)

         - Save your file with the name: PILastName_SponsorName_Year (Ex. Name_ProvidentBank_2019)

         - Faculty members may only submit one proposal for each LSO as the lead PI.

    Where to Submit:

         - There are two types of limited submission opportunities that the Rutgers community can apply for, those that are limited University-wide (i.e. one applicant for all of Rutgers) and those that are limited Campus-wide (i.e. one per Chancellor or per DUNS number).

         - For University-wide opportunities, faculty members should submit materials directly on InfoReady

         - For Campus-wide opportunities, faculty members should submit to the following:

                   RU-New Brunswick Applicants Submit to: ORED and New Brunswick Office of Research and Innovation

                   RU-Newark Applicants Submit to:  Joe Broderick

                   RU-Camden Applicants Submit to: Jeanie Garmon

                   RBHS Applicants should contact their School/Unit's Research Office

    Late submissions:

         - Submissions are due by 11pm on the date that they are due.

         - Please note that after 5PM there is no one in the ORED office who can help answer pending questions or concerns.

         - No late submissions will be accepted if ORED or the campus contacts listed above have already received submissions from other faculty members.

         - For University-wide opportunities: If you are interested in an opportunity but the internal deadline has passed, please contact ORED. If there were no other internal submissions to the opportunity, the first faculty member to request permission to move forward with their proposal will be granted approval.

         - For Campus-wide opportunities: If you are interested in an opportunity but the internal deadline has passed, please contact the campus point of contact (listed above).