Research Council Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply?

Only full-time members of the Rutgers faculty at the time of application may apply. This designation includes non-tenure-track, tenure-track, and tenured faculty. 

The following are NOT eligible to apply: coadjutant appointees, teaching and research assistants, post-doctoral fellows, visiting faculty members, and full-time administrators.


I received a Research Council Grant in the most recent award cycle, am I eligible to apply?

No, if you received a Research Council Grant (excluding a Subvention) in the most recent award cycle, you are not eligible to apply.  


Is there a funding priority?

Yes, priority is given to tenure-track faculty in their first or second three-year probationary appointment who have not yet been evaluated for tenure, and to proposals from faculty who have not received an award in the past three (3) years.


Can I apply to both a Research Council Grant and Busch Biomedical Grant in the same cycle?

You are only eligible to apply to both a Research Council Grant and Busch Biomedical Grant in the same cycle if the projects are fundamentally distinct, and you receive prior approval from the Research Council and Busch Biomedical Grant chairs.


What is the maximum award amount?

The maximum that you can request for a Research Council Grant is $5,000. 


Is there any disadvantage to requesting the maximum amount of $5,000 (provided it’s fully justified)?

There’s not a disadvantage to asking for the maximum amount, however, it’s possible that you will be awarded less than the amount that you are requesting.  It depends on the amount of funding available and the number of applications that we receive.


Can I request to purchase equipment?

Yes, you can request to purchase equipment with Research Council funds, but it must be accompanied by a letter from a Chairperson or Director stating that the equipment is not already available for use.


Can grant funds be used for salary?

No, Research Council Grants may not be used for summer salary, salary supplement, or to pay any part of a grant recipient’s salary.


Could a Research Council Grant be used for a project that currently has partial funding?

You can make an application for a Research Council award to pay for a piece of a larger research project that is not covered by other sources. The application provides room to explain how you are organizing the Project, and how it is being financed. In your application, be specific about the part of the Project that is being carved out for funding by the Research Council.


When will award notifications be sent out?

Award notifications will be sent out in June.


If awarded, when will I have access to the funds?

Access to the funds will not be made available until the new award has been entered into the Research Administration and Proposal Submission System (RAPSS) and all compliance requirements have been met (IRB, IACUC, etc.).