ORED-Sponsored Grant Programs

The Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED) sponsors several programs that offer funding to Rutgers faculty to support various fields of research at the university.

Busch Biomedical Grant 

The Busch Biomedical Grant program is designed to enhance health-related research at the University and to strengthen the competitive position of faculty members who seek external research funds. The grants support research projects up to $40,000 total for up to a two year period. Interest income from the Charles and Johanna Busch Memorial Fund is distributed within the University to reflect the stipulations of the Last Will and Testament of Mr. Charles Busch.

Proposals for funding are solicited annually by ORED, and are reviewed by a panel of faculty representing different health-related disciplines as well as the various University campuses. Awards are made on the basis of Busch Grant funding priorities and scientific excellence. 

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Research Council Grants & Subventions 

The Research Council Grant and Subvention program is now being administered by the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Please visit https://academicaffairs.rutgers.edu/research-council-grants-subventions for more information.

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